The Wonderful land series

This project has two 5-ACT plays written for stage performance. It has a character build-up and the characters grew on me throughout 2019 and 2020. 

As these characters come in close

This whole land is a grand luxury hotel.

A holiday resort. A perfect one.

And it is a safe place....despite. 

It is just a wonderful place to escape, to long for. To have this fernweh feeling. The holiday picture below is a mobile phone capture of a sunny day near a cool pool. How I long....I wish...



To me when writing I had the feeling there was a fire burning. Some energy that was sort of encapsuled. Maybe even supressed.
contact to each other, this project is in my imaginative world full of future potential. So Wonderful... :-)

Praag Penta hotel_2.jpg
Wonderful land.jpg

The golden layer

Claire - one of my characters in Wonderful land - is photographing the city and she is mentioning a golden layer. I found out about this layer, when the sun slowly goes down. A golden hour for a photographer with a keen eye for this. 

I colour intensified this picture with a purple sky to show the golden layer.