NEW Beginnings

About two people in love

Very normal and boring stuff.

Yet. Only paper and pen can be trusted. Money is no use, you have to pay attention here.

And what does it matter where you come from and where you live - as with this super fast train you can get within 10 minutes from London to Prague?

After all. It is very much 2050.

And then...It gets serious.

Because with Steve. You know.

EVERYthing gets more serious. It is just the type of guy he is.

Seestadt (13).jpg

'The outside'

The above picture is a (colour intensified) photograph of Seestadt, in outer Vienna.

The modern architecture and the artificial lake has a universal and cleansing effect.

In my world the neutralizing basis for the two characters Emma and Steve. Both characters regain power, harmony and feel strength here to recover in these neutral grounds. Both characters are comfortable in this setting and it has a calming, healing effect. 

Unlike...'The inside'. Obviously. 

That is it.

The story world here is everything. 

It is a short though powerful story. 

coffee for two heart.JPG

Coffee for two

The INSIDE in this world feels weird and awkward. The so called love seems fake and stickered. Conflict galore.
In this coffee shop, really, does anyone look outside?
Then. Does it matter, whether you are in London or in Prague?



This Atmospheric play is rather loose and play is highly on impulses and physical movements.

Improvisation shall be used. 

Text is not so important, the set of rules need to be followed.

Structure is simple:

ACT 1 both do not look outside.

ACT 2 only Steve looks outside.

ACT 3 both look outside.

And it is looped.

This project is meant to have open workshops, open rehearsals and be on festivals. It will never set and never go in production in a theatre hall with audience. It is meant to continue in a forever progress, ever evolving. Always NEW and always BEGINNING.


The Statues

They stand so proudly year on year

The ancient maker’s honoured work

The past.

Cherished, maintained and held upright

Its heritage, set in stone and with its views

Looking at and looking out

The famous buildings, palaces.

Old -

The newest shops and cafes.

That -

May deserve new elan.

Let us -

Remain proud.

Build with Bricks, People and Attention.

Self-explanatory – and above all,