Place, Poetry and Romantic Facebook

The beautiful scenery of the Lakeside district has a white cottage. A famous Poet. Romanticism. William Wordsworth.

What about it is not this place? Yet there is poetry. And an urge 'to speak from a man to other men'.  To call on the beauty of nature. To spread the same words in another era. How would that sound?

I invented a Poet.

He is struggling with social media.

Stop hiding. There is no choice.


Up! Up! My friend, and show your skill

Are you hiding away that shy?

Up! Up! My friend, and post until

You find your reason why

They wait for you on their digital scroll

There seems to be no choice

Post! A video or two below

And give a louder voice!

Mass media. It is an endless strife,

Leave it from your attention

How sweet the music in your life

There are songs to ease your tension

Then. The earth in a new round.

Repetition of time. Decide.

Let out a burst in visual and sound

And go the joyful ride

Go for the encore!

Of which the world needs more!

If there is an ultimate cure

Post a thing as literature

On Facebook’s Heaven of words: there is potential in the immature

You can decide  - or really not -  it is life

Hiding away is no option to strive


Old Man Travelling

As a setting this story has a bus ride. And quite some.

I took the poem 'Old man travelling' out of William Wordsworth Lyrical Ballads (1798, revised version year 1800). This poem reveals in the end exactly what is revealed here in the first scene. 

A dialogue with respect of old age, of seeing life as a journey, about its meaning and its mortality.

O, I did have some fun adding 'young' remarks to it.

It is a lighthearted story about enjoying life and imagination. A lot of that. Maybe up to a crazy amount. Be warned.

Spectacle Luc Petit grotte de Han 7.JPG

Was it for this

For ACT 2,  

I have found references from The Prelude (1798 and multiple versions in continuous revisions throughout William his life).

It is considered his Masterpiece starting with his childhood and education as well as his love of nature. It is an autobiographic manuscript of some sorts, though highly intensified and full of symbolism. 

It has been published after his death to support his family financially (in1850) and because of his carefully planned life's work - I find it has a certain calmness to it.

About beauty and fear both present in nature. And life questions:

'Why did it become me?' and the very first words of his most famous manuscript: 'was it for this'.

I was inspired by his ideas on SPOTS OF TIME, most meaningful moments in childhood that are only to be recognized much later in life.

The picture above comes from a light spectacle I have seen in the caves of Han in Belgium, the artist for these projections is Luc Petit. To me this light is a visualisation of a SPOT OF TIME.

Lugano (5).JPG

Up! Up! My friend, and

This project is written and envisioned for both theatre and film. It has a rich story world design, as well as a rich text. Characters are full and this piece has big themes on mortality and reasons to be alive. I expect this project to emerge somewhere after things are more settled.