I am a visitor to this country.

And I decided to go to a musical in beautiful Vienna. Sounds wonderful. Except. Well…

I am NOT from Austria…

Okay. Here is the story line.

You are the hero, you ran away when you are a young girl. You became a Hollywood star. Then you return to your home country after ten years to take a photoshoot with a soccer player from Buenos Aires. And you are from Austria.

Yes. The moment you step onto your home ground. You are done. With travelling. With your career. You are done with being famous. You hate your life. Instantly. Hollywood sucks.

You see from a few metre distance a handsome boy with golden blond hair and blue eyes – a guy from Austria. Of course! You fall in love on the spot. And within one minute you tell him your life story, how you stopped being in contact and have not spoken to your parents since 10 years. That you ran away and that you now realize you are from Austria.

So you have sex. And then directly after that you call your mum. To tell her after these 10 years of neglect you are home. And you sing. About your ‘Heimat’ and all the stars in heaven shine.

Everything from the United States is fake. The handsome soccer player from Buenos turns out gay. And your manager he only wants money.

And you do not like money. You like mountains.

Instantly the moment you set foot on your home ground.


Okay. After the story line...

Now all sing along.  If there is someone from the audience who does not sing ‘I am from Austria’…...


Then you are a guest here now are you not? You are such a lucky person to be able to sit here! This wonderful land. With these fantastic mountains! And this city, Vienna. The best and most beautify city on earth. Where the trees are blossoming – all year long.

O, you are not….

From here….

O. O.

Not from Austria….


Keep quiet and enjoy the show.

O. O. as being not from Austria.

You cannot really sing this.



And in the break, may I remind you – yeah you -  the Haagen Dasz Ice cream is 3 times more expensive.


What is absolutely wonderful to this show is the pieces of décor. The three double enormous cake with stairs and dancers – the choreography is top class. The colours used vibrant. The projections and the build-up of even complete mountains and interior of a hotel. The light design amazing. The music played with a live orchestra and the songs so pure. A delight. I would not want to have missed it. And yes, it does make you proud being in Austria and privileged.

If you are from this country.

I am so jealous.

I am NOT from Austria.

I am from Austria.jpg