Culture shock

I love stories that have a strong sort of energy and for this I started as a photographer with an urge to take something from the places I have been. Something useful like building bricks. Something of the feel, the tones and modes. The purpose I have when taking pictures is the possibility to recreate this world some other time, focusing on something that still needs to be filled in with perhaps live actors.

The work uses very strong colours to give that journey and it plays around with real or nature on one side, and surreal on the other. There are two images using reflections, image 2 and image 5. These are transition points in the story, we move away from what we have known as we travel. It is like a culture shock of some sorts. An interior of a building explodes in vibrant pink. The nature of green is shockingly surreal. It is these times of reflection we need for the dynamics of these colour explosions.