Gun ownership in Finland is among the highest in the world, although crime rates remain among the world's lowest.

The traveller and this text however is considered FICTION.

So imagination runs wild here. Too wild. And BEARS are involved. And I love Russia, great country. I love Finland, great country. I also love borders....


In Finland people have guns. Sometimes also in cars, a ‘bear gun’ in case the rare occasion you meet a bear along the route. Even if you travel along the coast. And bears are natural quite shy. And you can’t handle guns.

I read most people injure themselves with a gun and it is best to simply not move when you are faced with a bear issue.

There would also be something like a ‘bear spray’ with bad parfum. I suspect some people took their precaution and sprayed it on themselves freely before boarding the plane.

Once arrived with my grocery list, with on top of it ‘bear spray’- I do not come far. When I enter a shop I feel a stranger. And people over here, in Finland. Well they do not talk to strangers.

People do not talk much at all. They do carry weapons, yet they also seem nice. Just not the talkative type of people, and they sleep with riffles. Something for everyone.

Yes. According to the internet they sleep with riffles. In particular close to the Russian border. They sleep much more soundly with a weapon next to them as a precaution - the threat of the Russian bear. Russia could step any moment over the 4,4 mile border line crossing this zoning area. It has been guarded on both sides, with fences and barbed wire, warning signs in all languages.


We’re goin’ on a bear hunt,
We’re going to catch a big one,
I’m not scared
What a beautiful day!
Oh look! It’s some long, wavy grass!
Can’t go over it,
Can’t go under it,
Can’t go around it,
Got to go through it!

(Nursery rhyme, Michael Rosen.)

Finland area is a hunting field. A lot is shot and served for dinner. The soup is served very hot here. And people remain cool. Very cool. They might have weapons, yet they are not anxious about it.

Is it not a bit far-fetched, this sleeping around with guns and all that?

Is it necessary, there is no war here…war is from long long ago.

I am trying to get a conversation going, let’s ask. I am asking a young person here, seems to me that younger people are easier in conversation. “hi” I begin.

“hi” he answers back. YES I am in contact!

“When did the Russians cross this border” I ask. “o, and not for shopping in this big shopping mall you guys made especially for all the rich Russian shoppers and clever commercial Fins. I mean. When did they violently storm your country to take over and pick in this land…”

And I point to the guns in this shop that you can buy. It is a pharmacy. And I am at a counter.

He understands the question, probably standard conversation over here.

I received the information last time was in 2016....also the AIR FORCE was involved. Since then only smaller incidents took place.

Okay. Right. Sleep tight.

Mmmm….I do not want a riffle in my bed. I do not want to have a Russian danger out there. I do not want a place to sleep near this border. I want a bear. A soft bear. To hug, a teddy.

And please let me have one of those sprays for mosquitos. It is swarming with mosquitoes here.

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