What is this site about?

and who is Sylvia?

“Sylvia, I can see that you enjoy seeing the world in a thoughtful and reflective manner. You have a keen eye for surreal colour combinations and beauty in the everyday. You observe extraordinary simplicity where most of us would walk past without noticing. You make us realise that perhaps we don’t look up enough in our daily lives."

I have a certificate in Fine Art / Fine Art Photography (Open University) and I am active in Performing Arts in an International context. I love creating story worlds in collaborative art forms.

Email -> viaSYLvia@zoho.com



My plays are published at the New Play Exchange (NPX) - The world's largest digital library of scripts by living writers.



Sustain us

They connect us

in good times,

and in bad.

They define us

in the past, present,

and future.

Make your Mark,

Paint your Picture,

and hang it on the collective wall. 

The world is watching.

Sylvia in spiegel .jpg